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Dutch Firm Creates Chinese Online Casino Portal

Following prolonged market research and development cycles, Dutch online casino firm Spill Group has announced the launch of its latest gaming site. Designed specifically for the increasing number of Chinese gamblers playing at online casinos, Spill Group has developed Youxi – an online casino gambling portal with a difference. Youxi offers all the most popular online casino games but differs from other online casino gambling portals in that it refuses to accept advertising using pop ups or banners.

Spill Group Asia’s CEO Marc van der Chijs says the decision to keep the site “blink free” was made after the firm noticed that the majority of Chinese websites are tiring for the eyes. Many feature moving banners and blinking titles, creating a disorienting and often unpleasant gaming experience.

The firm hopes to win new online casino fans because of Youxi’s simple design, easy to use navigation tools and its impressive selection of online casino games. Spill Group Asia says that it plans to launch several more online casino sites in the coming months if Youxi is a success. The online casino portal is free to use and because Youxi is the Chinese word for game, casino players should have no difficulty in remembering it.

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