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Africa to Benefit from Gambling Profits

In a highly publicized statement, Hollywood superstar George Clooney has recently announced that he intends to donate a quarter of his future casino gambling profits to the poor in Africa. The Oscar nominee is currently developing his own gambling venue in Las Vegas. Known as Las Ramblas, the hotel and casino gambling complex is due to be completed by 2008.

Clooney admits to being a long time gambling fan and grew up inspired by the high glamour found of live casinos. The young Clooney used to accompany his aunt to the casino where she was a performer, and appreciated the dress code and the air of sophistication in gambling establishments. The actor states that his own gambling venue will also require guests to adhere to a formal dress code in keeping with the resort’s exclusive atmosphere.

Clooney is also known in Hollywood for his generosity and support for charitable causes. One quarter of the Las Ramblas’ gambling profits will be donated to organizations aiming to alleviate poverty in Africa. The gambling complex aims to attract elite gambling fans in Hollywood by providing a five star hotel and a series of separate condominiums, along with a health club, shopping centre and several restaurants.

OCA News Editor

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