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New System for Beating Online Casino Roulette

According to the creator of the Ultimate Roulette System, Samuel Blankson, “While online roulette is a simple game to play, it is not so easy to consistently win at. This is not due to lack of a good system of the game, but rather it is due to a lack of discipline and control of greedy tendencies of the player. Online casinos know this and exploit it by providing incentives that encourage players to stay inside the casino environment and continue to gamble. The longer most players gamble at an online casino or casino game, the easier it becomes for them to lose their self control and allow their tendency to be greedy to surface.”

Mr. Blankson serves a warning, saying that “A great loss normally ensues at this point and the casino wins. Any great gambling aid must first seek to eliminate this problem before providing any sophisticated play strategy or technique.” Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Mr. Blankson is shamelessly promoting his product even though there are a good number of online casino gamblers out there who do just fine with the free information they can find on the world wide web.

“The Ultimate Roulette System first removes the human decision process from the roulette game, thus allowing the player to avoid greed led decisions while using an automated rule based system to select the stake and bet.” Mr Blankson, who wants it reiterated that he is the creator of the Ultimate Roulette System, went on to say, “I explained a system for daily roulette income generation in my last roulette book offering, available for sale, but this computer based system takes the ideas in that book a lot further and literally does it for you.” Unfortunately, Mr. Blankson didn’t say how much the computer program for online casino roulette would cost.

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