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Online Casino Raided in Brunei

An owner of an online casino games caf? found himself in trouble with the law this week when the Brunei police raided his business. The owner of the online casino games caf? was arrested and fined $2000 or two months in jail for facilitating online casino gambling. The raid happened in the cyber caf? in Kuala Bealit following a tip-off from an informer, said to be a disgruntled ex-customer.

The owner of the online casino games caf? pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him by the Bandar Magistrate’s Court which were using his business for premises for online casino gambling. More serious repercussions to the business was the fact that all 19 computers owned by the online casino games caf? were confiscated and forfeited to the state. In a search performed by the police, it was found that the computers were used to play online casino games such as blackjack, roulette and jackpot games.

Members of the public could easily access these online casino games. All they needed to do was deposit some money at the cash desk and their computers were then facilitated to play the online casino games. Winners from the games could collect their winnings from the cash desk upon completion. Cash amounting to $596, which was confirmed to be proceeds from the online casino games and 19 computers used at the caf?, were confiscated.

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