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South Africa Next Online Casino Market Target

Following a very successful bid in securing an Australian license, Bet Fair online casino has announced that it is possibly looking to apply for a license in South Africa. This latest strategic business and marketing step was announced by the online casino’s top PR man, Richard Rumbelow at a press conference. The online casino said that it planned on establishing a locally licensed black empowerment company which will enter the South African market on its own turf.

The online casino had begun investigating the South African gaming market about 18 months ago and found that it was bursting at its seams. The country’s consumers benefits from low interest rates and a booming economy, something which would greatly benefit the online casino. Rumbelow said that South Africa had close links with Europe and Australia and it was therefore seen as a natural point of entrance for the online casino in order to foster this connection and expose its wares to the African continent.

Rumbelow also said the online casino group was holding talks with the National Gambling Board on its policy towards interactive gaming. The Gambling Board is currently considering regulating the online casino industry and that this move would encourage reputable South African online casino operators to base their headquarters in the country. Rumbelow concluded that sports betting in South Africa was totally focused on horseracing at that this sector of the industry needed to be internationalized.

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