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The Impact of Online Casino Gambling

Have online casinos negatively or positively affected the overall gambling industry? This is difficult to ascertain for the truly critical analyst, but to the casual observer one could very well simply say that it appears that far from negatively affecting gambling’s image or the economics of gambling, online casino gambling has proven to be a boon to the world of gambling. Gambling enthusiasts of all stripes, not just online, appreciate the services that online casino companies offer in keeping gambling in the spotlight all of the time. Really, truly, all of the time. Online casino websites are amongst the most popular kinds of websites out there.

And it doesn’t appear that land-based casinos view online gambling as a threat. In fact, if you asked any number of land-based casino executives what they thought of the impact of online casino gambling, a good number of them would likely say that they’d like to have a similar presence on the internet as online casinos do, if only to increase their own brand’s exposure around the world. Part of the reason for this attitude is that online casino companies are seen to complement, rather than challenge, land-based gambling. Online casino sites aren’t trying to take over; they are simply providing on-demand gambling services to the home.

So are online casino companies in any danger from the land-based gambling sector? No. Are land-based casino corporations in any danger from online casino gambling? Not really. Even if online casinos did take the smallest portion of business away from land-based casino companies, there will always be those who prefer to visit an actual casino to gamble just as there will always be people who prefer the movie theater experience to watching DVDs at home. The impact has, therefore, to the casual observer been positive. Will it always be so? Only time will tell.

OCA News Editor