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Irish Firms Compete Against Offshore Online Casinos

Despite a small downturn in poker at online casinos internationally, the game is making new headway in unexpected areas. Ireland has seen a surge of interest in online casinos as Irish firms rush to join those offering poker. Among them is Ireland’s most prominent traditional casino, Paddy Power, whose recent venture online now has it competing healthily with far more established online casinos.

The well known Irish bookmaker’s performance offers direct proof that online casinos in Ireland are booming. While Paddy Power is a well known name throughout the country for its traditional betting services, profits from its online casinos venture have recently exceeded all other areas of its business. “In Ireland everyone’s heard of Paddy Power,” the company’s Head of Communications has commented. “They’ve seen our brick and mortar shops and they know that we will not be gone in the morning.” The company specifically targets Irish fans of online casinos, stating that the company’s strong and reliable presence in the local market has earned it an intensely loyal fan base.

Paddy Power’s prediction that online casinos will be around for years to come is echoed by another Irish firm performing well against foreign based online casinos. As well as focusing on the Irish market, DV8 Poker has recently decided to target the Far East and has had many of its splash pages translated into Far Eastern languages. Citing strong growth in both its domestic and international markets, DV8 Poker’s Sherril McMahon predicts the revenues online casinos generate from poker will remain consistently for the next five years.

OCA News Editor

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