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Online Casino Firm Considers Scotland

Freelotto owner Kevin Aronin has confirmed reports that his online casino firm is currently considering a move to Scotland. While legal issues are still being investigated, news of a potential 300 extra jobs has been received favorably by Scottish citizens amid hopes that Freelotto’s move could encourage other online casino operators to settle locally. Aronin has also suggested that Scotland could set itself up as a free-trade zone to encourage businesses associated with online casinos to invest there.

Aronin went on to say that Scotland has an abundance of suitable employees for online casino sites due to the population’s high level of education and technology awareness. Although stressing that talks have been strictly informal to date, Aronin has confirmed initial conversations with a Scottish Enterprise official are being followed up by an economic development body. Recent gambling legislation to regulate the industry has opened the door for remote online casino operators to relocate to the United Kingdom. Legal advice received by Aronin so far indicates moving to Scotland would have favorable consequences for online casinos.

Aronin holds a positive outlook on the future of online casinos in Britain, and has been quick to point out the limited growth potential available in other countries. One factor which will influence growth is the number of qualified employees possessing the skills needed to develop and grow new business. While most online casino operations are situated in traditional tax havens such as the Cayman Islands and Gibraltar, Aronin believes these locations limit growth due to the lack of skilled personnel residing there. Applauding the United Kingdom’s welcoming policy toward online gaming operators, Aronin states the country has the potential to become the global capital of the gaming world.

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