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SMS Online Casino Gambling Under Question

The Federal Government of Australia is under pressure to clamp down on the use of mobile phones and SMS messaging to place online casino bets. An Australian online casino company, Txt2bet, has developed the software that allows mobile phone users the ability to place online casino bets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through SMS messaging on their phones.

The Australian government has expressed concerns that the use of mobile phones and SMSing to send online casino wagers could develop into a sub-cultural problem in society. It is known that most users of SMSs are youngsters and the problem of encouraging online casino use and addiction in minors is cause for great concern. The government is trying to implement a law that would make the use of online casino wagers via the phone, illegal.

The director of the developer of the SMS online casino technology has said that despite criticism, the method of wagering bets is safer that at a regular online casino. He claims that the entire betting process is has an audit trail. The service is also debit based, not credit based, which means that a person cannot go into large debts, because the money has to be placed upfront. The director said that from following the habits of the regular users of the SMS system, none of them have become addicted wagerers or have dramatically increased their gambling practices.

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