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Online Casinos Target UK Poker Market

Following rising trends in poker gambling at online casinos in the United Kingdom and Ireland, operators are keen to test their luck in the local market. Recent figures show an increase of 45 percent in the number of visitors frequenting online casinos compared to the previous year. One of the UK’s most popular online casinos reported that a staggering 3.2 million people visited their site in the month of February alone.

Statistics provided by Poker Pulse also emphasized the rate of growth in online casinos in the United Kingdom. The daily estimated income generated by online casinos has risen by 500 percent in the last year. Many believe the growth has been assisted by the introduction of broadband services throughout most of the UK in the last two years, enabling casino players to access online casinos over the internet more efficiently than before.

While a host of new online casinos are lined up to tap into the British market, some have developed unique marketing campaigns in an attempt to attract poker fans to their sites. The advertising for DV8 Poker capitalizes on the common superstitions held by the British poker player. One of the many factors poker players at online casinos find appealing is the absence of the ‘poker face.’ Considered to be a crucial part of the live poker game-plan, the online version of the game dispels the myth that showing emotion in poker is disadvantageous. Among its marketing strategies, DV8 poker intends to use this to encourage new players to experience the game online.

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