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Canadian Attitudes toward Online Casino Gambling

A new report prepared for the Law Commission of Canada has addressed recent Canadian attitudes to online casino gambling. Prepared by the Law Commission of Canada, the report is an attempt to provide guidance to the Canadian parliament on the ambiguous nature of online casino gambling in Canada. Areas addressed are legal versus illegal online casino gambling, gambling addiction and the benefits associated with the possible legalization of the industry.

The writers of the report are heavily in favor of legalizing the online casino industry, stating that government intervention would help to protect casino players and to impose more control upon the industry. The Canadian parliament is currently evaluating the report, with recommendations on the role of online casino gambling in Canada expected to be made public next year.

The Canadian government’s job is more difficult due to the online casino industry being generally accepted throughout most of the country, despite being illegal in all but three of Canada’s provinces. One exception to legislation outlawing online casino gambling is the state of Quebec, where the gambling industry is controlled legally by the Mohawks of Kahnawake. Another major area highlighted in the report is the loss of potential revenue the government would have if it decided to legalize online casino gambling throughout Canada. Current legislation allows billions of dollars to leave the country as Canadian law only permits provinces and charities to legally operate gaming houses.

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