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South Africa and Online Casino Legalization

A report by South Africa’s Gambling Board may spell an end to recent police raids against illegal online casinos. According to the Financial Mail, the Board has recommended the government legalize and regulate online casinos with the decision now resting solely with Trade & Industry Minister Mandisi Mpahlwa. A special committee from the Gambling Board gathered research from many leading professionals at online casinos. The report concludes that the legalization of the online gambling industry would create many benefits for South African casino players, law enforcement agencies and local entrepreneurs.

New legislation would offer South African fans of online casinos protection from exploitation and would help to create valuable employment opportunities and growth in the country. The Gambling Board has stated that playing at online casinos in South Africa is growing in popularity and few adequate measures can be taken against the illegal operators of online casinos under current legislation.

News of a changed attitude toward online casinos has been received favorably by internet gambling firms and casino fans. Many are hoping that the South African government adopts a similar policy toward online casinos as the United Kingdom has, legalizing the industry and then working to regulate it to provide safer experiences for casino fans. Several gambling operators have also expressed interest in joining the South African market.

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