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The Search for Casino Acceptance

Online gambling is truly a worldwide popular activity, with hundreds of thousands of people engaging in online casino gambling on a daily basis. Looking at the numbers, there is no reason why online gambling shouldn’t be the most popular online activity there is. Yet if this is the case, why do you rarely hear about the search total numbers for people looking over the web for online casino games? Why, for all of the popularity of online gambling, is it that online casino numbers of major search engines are pretty much kept in the dark? It doesn’t seem to make sense, and yet for millions of surfers on the web it doesn’t really bother them. If they knew about online casinos, maybe it would.

Does this represent a conspiracy on the part of online search engines and world governments that stand opposed to online casino gambling, or is it simply an oversight? The fact of the matter is, the major governments that stand opposed to online casino gambling are often the sovereign governments of the countries that the search engines base their servers in. If a country’s government considers online casinos to be illegal, you can’t very well expect search engines to willingly, vocally offer a summary of the numbers of searches for online gambling. But then again, online casino search numbers on these search engines could show exactly why governments should try out legalizing the internet casino industry, or at least giving online casino companies a chance to prove their worth.

And it isn’t exactly like online casino companies would find it difficult to convince foreign governments or even the governments in the countries where search engines are based that at least when it comes to the financial aspects, they would prove valuable to helping to keep an economy afloat. After all, the national economies of many of these countries are free market, and it is the free flow of money that keeps them lubed and oiled. Maybe the time has come for online casino companies to team up with search engines to show their value to those who think they have the power.

OCA News Editor

Jenny McKinnley is OCA’s financial correspondent. After spending years on the trading floor in both NY and London, she offers insight from the inside out on world financial news and events.