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Kiwi Casino with New Zealand Contest

New Zealand has gained exposure in recent years thanks to the efforts of big-budget director Peter Jackson, whose epic “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and relatively new release “King Kong” were shot in his native country. New Zealand also has been getting screen-time thanks to the new “Chronicles of Narnia” movie.

Kiwi Casino Poker can easily lay a claim to being the pride of the online gambling industry in Kiwi-land

If you’re a fan of those movies, you might already be inclined to visit New Zealand. There are many actors from and other movies which have been filmed in New Zealand that you might not know about or recognize as being such. Beautiful landscape enthusiasts know New Zealand has a lot to offer.

But what if you are a Peter Jackson or Narnia fan AND an online casino enthusiast? Well, you then have the chance, thanks to Kiwi Casino, to win a trip to New Zealand. Kiwi Casino Poker isn’t just a witty name for an online gambling site based in Gibraltar. Owned by the Christchurch, New Zealand-based land-casino, Christchurch Casino, Kiwi Casino Poker can easily lay a claim to being the pride of the online gambling industry in Kiwi-land. Online poker’s popularity has hardly been able to skip the Southern Hemisphere, and with Kiwi Casino Poker’s new contest some lucky gamblers are likely to reap the benefits of New Zealand’s contribution to the online gambling world.

The winners of this new online casino contest and their guests will be flown to Christchurch, with the lucky winners spending ten night’s in the city’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, while they can choose to play poker or enjoy the best of New Zealand’s natural beauty…or even, if they so wish, do a little of both. Online casino gambling has footholds all over the world, but if you can take advantage of a contest and win a fabulous vacation to an exotic location, you’ll be able to see where Kiwi Casino Poker conducts its business.

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