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Online Casino to Build African School

Slotland Online Casino is known for its bowling tournaments, its small programs having to do with online casinos and online gambling awareness, but not so much for its philanthropy efforts. Slotland aims to change that, though, by helping a good cause in the African republic of Malawi. With help from local efforts, Slotland has donated a fair amount of funding for a new school project in Juma that, barring rain, should be done in the near future and could make a difference in the lives of many local children who otherwise might not have a chance at a quality education. Sometimes, online casino companies show they understand how privileged they are.

“Our online casino players know what a big role luck plays in their lives. Those that live in areas where we can enjoy the luxury of online gambling entertainment should remember just how lucky we are.” said Slotland’s Hannah Morante. “We feel good about sharing our prosperity with those less fortunate, and everyone that plays at Slotland can share in that good feeling.” It has been a project which has included football teams as well from the UK, and the long-term economic and health benefits for the city and country, should the project by the online casino company be extended.

“An important part of our charity project is the extension officer, a local secondary-school teacher,” explains Project Coordinator, Tereza Mirovicova, of Slotland Online Casino. “Thanks to his knowledge of the local environment and people, we’ve been able to identify and employ experienced and reliable builders.” Using local talent is essential to the online casino project, as it empowers local residents and leaders to pull themselves out of poverty and make a difference towards a better future for their country, which only gained independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1964.

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