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Grammy Odds at an Online Casino

Since Grammy nominations were recently announced, online casinos have placed odds on what lucky singers, songwriters, singer-songwriters, bands and albums will win prizes at the Forty-Eighth Annual Grammy Awards to be held in Los Angeles, California on February 8, 2006. Online casino sites usually offer odds on a variety of subjects, from elections in countries around the world, the results of court cases against pop music stars, the endings of reality TV shows and of course the many kinds of music and film industry awards which are broadcast each year. If you’re a music listener who also happens to love gambling at an online casino, be sure to check out these new odds soon!

Says Alex Czajkowski, Chief Marketing and Odds Director for Sports Book, one of the many online casino sites offering music awards odds: “Sports Book online gamblers are more than just sports fans, they’re reality TV watchers, music lovers, political poll watchers, the list is endless! We cater to all of our gamblers, and music enthusiasts are no exception. We have many online gamblers who love to watch the Grammy’s. Almost 9 million viewers watched the 2005 Awards show. It’s a big event, and our odds makers and online casino odds are ready for the wagers for this huge prime-time extravaganza!”

But Sports Book is only one of a number of online casino websites offering Grammy odds. If you are interested in placing a friendly wager or two on who the top artists and songs will be of 2005-2006, search out the web for Grammy odds at an online casino. It would probably be smart for you to check out your favorite online casino site as well, just in case they’ve offered odds on the Grammy’s that you don’t know about. You have about a month and a half to get bettin’.

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