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Malta Gets Online Casino Recognition

If you are an online casino company that wants to do business in European countries or around the world in countries where online gambling is legal, but you are not able to base your server in those countries, what do you do? You find a friendly country, preferably a “tax haven”, where you can set up shop and provide your casino game services to an all-too-welcoming audience. It is often the case that these areas are well known online casino havens like Antigua or Gibraltar. One of the lesser known friendly operations areas for online casinos is the island of Malta, which has recently been recognized by a British business magazine for services to the online gambling industry.

The magazine Business Britain recognized the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta for “Excellent Services to Online Gaming.” The award was given after investigations into online casino gambling regulation showed that the LGA was a notch above the rest when it came to its standards, and the award was presented in the presence of LGA’s Legal and Enforcement Director, Anthony Axisa at the Malta High Commission in London, England. Axisa said at the ceremony for the award presentation that “We are delighted to be recognized for our ‘Excellent Services to the Online Gaming Industry’. This award attests to the validity of LGA’s strategy and acknowledges the success the Authority”.

Mario Galea, CEO of the Maltese Licensing and Gaming Authority, said that “It is an extremely important achievement for the LGA, considering the market in which it operates. We are also pleased that our quality of service award came from a country where online casino gambling regulations are highly upheld.” Gambling at online casino sites is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom, though companies are not allowed to base their servers in the country or induce people to gamble.

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