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Online Casino Sites Propel Problem Gambling

It is no secret that problem gambling has risen over the past few months with the growth in popularity of online casino sites. More and more, online casinos are becoming a major source of entertainment for so many people, that sometimes they can forget where the fun ends and the serious gambling addiction begins. Online casino sites have been joining help hotlines, organizations, and centers to promote and enforce responsible gaming among online gambling fans.

George McGovern, U.S. Senator, gave the keynote address at a conference, saying: ‘The ongoing challenge of promoting responsible gaming is developing a strategy that prevents and reduces gambling-related harm while respecting the rights of individuals who safely engage in recreational gambling.’ This statement came as a response to a speech made by Christine Reilly, in which she presented detailed research findings regarding addictive gambling. She pointed out that online casino operators and health professionals could use these new findings to help better understand what drives online casino players to wager beyond their means and how best to treat these gamblers.

The conference focused on responsible gambling, and used the ‘Reno Model’, a position paper written by three researchers that describes public health issues associated with problem gambling. Nevada established, this year, an advisory committee on problem gambling that will decide how to distribute revenues of $2.5 million which were raised through a unique slot-machine tax. The money will assist organizations specializing in compulsive gaming education, prevention, research and gaming treatment.

OCA News Editor