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The Purpose of Online Casino Sites

Are online casinos the best value for your money? Can you compare them to land-based casinos? Well, you can, but you can’t really say that because a land-based casino has a buffet it is better than an online casino, but neither can you say that because an online casino allows you to play games in the comfort of your own home it is better than the experience of traveling to a land-based casino somewhere in the world. Online casinos and land-based casinos each have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and while land-based casinos are busy going about their business quite successfully, online casinos are constantly defining themselves against the “other” – the land-based casinos – to show why they are the best.

Will online casinos that only see themselves as being a competitor to land-based casinos succeed in a way that online casino companies that try to be what they are – that is, a platform for gambling enthusiasts to play games when they can’t visit an actual casino – or will they continue to try and unrealistically dethrone the land-based casinos industry, long ago established and at the top of its form economically today? It isn’t likely that online casinos execs or the boards of the companies that want to do business with them see things rationally, but you never know.

Online casino sites are constantly being launched, some to great acclaim and some, unfortunately, seeing themselves as challenging the nearly unchallengeable for no good reason. If they define themselves as unique, they have a good chance of being a successful online casino. Even if they don’t define themselves as unique, there are still enough people out there to gamble to keep them afloat and successful. But should they be trying to simply be successful, or world-renowned? Well, that is up to them.

OCA News Editor