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Online Casino World Opens Up To Linux

Gamblers who own some sort of Apple computer have this image as being forgotten or neglected, at media sites as well as unacknowledged type at online casinos, but that this is the case – and it is – is illogical. There are, after all, plenty of potential gamblers for online casinos who rely on a Mac for their web access, and they have just as much money to wager as do Windows users. For such a long time, the only internet users who had pretty much free reign with the choices of where and how to gamble over the internet were those who used PCs – you know, Windows computers. Now, add in the Linux users as another long neglected group, and you have a sizeable amount of would-be online gamblers with bruised egos.

Linux users, like Mac computer owners, have been getting left behind when it came to online casinos gaming. 888 Holdings’ site 888 Casino and Poker Room has come to the rescue of Linux users with a new quick play version of online Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. As more and more online casinos sites see their demographic bases growing, what does this mean for the online casinos industry as a whole?

It means that online casino companies are going to have to start thinking about working with software developers to provide games for pretty much anyone who wants to play them. They can no longer count on loyal PC users being their bread and butter, especially when more and more people who want to play online casino games but currently can’t get so frustrated that they build a counter-industry to the PC online casino world. If the online casino execs are smart, they’ll start incorporating everyone in their outlook sooner rather than later.

OCA News Editor