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Mac Online Casino Gamblers Left Waiting

In the world of online casino gambling, there are those players who use PCs to gamble online and those who do not. Online casinos generally have not offered too many games – if any at all for online casino players and software manufacturers around the world generally work for PC/Windows platforms when they are developing new products. Why exactly is this? With Apple technology current dominating the MP3 player market, and iMacs popular in a Hollywood cameo, trend-setter way, (some Macs have even saved the world – just watch “Independence Day”) why is it that online casino companies have pretty much left Mac users out in the cold?

It seems like Macs are the online gambling world’s red-headed stepchild. No one wants to openly challenge Bill Gates’ dominance on the world computing scene, and it is often the case – though hardly universal and hardly justified – that people won’t always admit that they have a Mac. But there are plenty of people out there who would play at online casinos if only online casino executives acknowledged their existence. Mac users exist around the world, and it is probably the case that a good number of online gambling players listen to their iPod while playing online casino games. Apple isn’t the giant that Microsoft is, but it is a huge player. And yet…online casino sites are few and far between.

There are a dedicated few out there in the online gambling world who want to correct this egregious mistake, and bring to Mac players the online casino games that they deserve to play. The internet isn’t for one country – it’s the World Wide Web, after all. Not everyone speaks English, and not everyone uses a PC. When online casino users can have their choice at a single site for an online casino whether to play games for PC or Mac, that will be when the online casino industry has matured. For the moment, as long as Mac online gamblers have to search for sites as if they were the Holy Grail of Gambling, maturity seems to be a long way off.

OCA News Editor