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New British casino locator online

A new website for British gamblers lists all of the casinos in the United Kingdom by region, broken down into England, Scotland and Wales, with England further divided (thanks to using European Parliament standards) in nine separate regions. Casinos GB researched all of these regions for casinos, reviewed many of them, and now list them on their website. The English casino regions are London, Southeast England, Southwest England, West Midlands England, Northwest England, Northeast England, Yorkshire, East Midlands, and East England. Northern Ireland, for what should be obvious reasons to anyone who picks up a newspaper or has read a history book, is not included in the count.

In the counting process, England predictably had the most casino locations: London has 29 casinos, South East England has 26 casinos, North West England has 20 casinos, West Midlands has 14 casinos, North East England has 14 casinos, Yorkshire has 10 casinos, South West England has 7 casinos, East Midlands has 7 casinos and East England has 5 casinos. All totaled up that equals 132 casinos in England alone. When you add in Scotland’s 15 casino locations and Wales’ 5 casino locations, the grand total – not in the least definitive, as we are relying on figures from Casinos GB – of 152 (though Casinos GB erroneously listed the number of casino locations in Great Britain as 154).

There was not any word from Casinos GB as to whether or not their casino figures included bingo halls; perhaps more than any other game, bingo has taken the UK by storm both at land-based bingo halls as well as at numerous online casino websites and bingo-specific gaming websites. A new website for Scottish bingo players, Bingo Scotland, has received a warm welcome and while not at all attempting to draw people away from actual bingo halls has opened up opportunities for players to play bingo whenever they like.

OCA News Editor