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New Jersey’s Top Online Gambling Cities

New Jersey’s Top Online Gambling Cities

Caesars Interactive Entertainment has released information about which New Jersey towns have the most people gambling online.

New Jersey’s Top Online Gambling Cities

Information from Caesars Interactive Entertainment shows that most online gamblers come from towns near Atlantic City.

The information shows that three of the five municipalities where people are spending the most time gambling online are within an hour’s drive from Atlantic City. However, operators say that the online gamblers are not the same as the people who visit the land casinos.

Caesars is seeing the most log-ins from Toms Rivers in Oceans County. Seth Palansky, a spokesman for Caesars Interactive, has said that the data will allow the company to market its services more effectively. At present he said that the company can’t find any correlation between the cities where online gambling is most popular and its marketing efforts.

Palansky went on to say that the company doesn’t believe it is losing customers from its casinos due to online gambling, “We’re finding very similar patterns as other companies. The people online are people that haven’t visited us in a while or are new players all together. We’re not seeing cannibalization.”

The Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism conducted a poll this year which found that 2.5% of New Jersey gamblers have gambled online since it became legal while 7% said that they intend to try it this year.

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