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Casino Licence Fees Create Ohio Internships

Casino Licence Fees Create Ohio Internships

Ohio’s Board of Regents is to give out almost $11 million to more than 25 colleges and universities to help expand their internship and co-op programs. The money is coming from the Ohio Means Internships and Co-Ops grant program which is supported through the distribution of one-time casino licensing fees. The money is expected to create internships for almost 2,500 Ohio students.

The Director of the Bowling Green State University Career Center, Jeff Jackson, was told that his school will receive $650,000 to support internships. He says that the money will be used to help subsidize intern wages in industries such as bio-health, food processing and advanced manufacturing.

The aim is that companies will see a reduction in the financial burden that taking on paid interns can create. Jackson said, “We’re trying to create a culture of companies who, in the past, may not have entertained an intern or co-op. We’re creating an environment where they can help in exploring this, and of course, the money always helps in bringing people to the table.”

According to Zach Waymer, the Board of Regents’ Director of Experiential Learning and Outreach, the grant has enabled a number of companies to create internships for the first time.

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