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Senior Citizens Feeling the Grip of Gambling Addiction

Senior Citizens Feeling the Grip of Gambling Addiction

While most people see the casino as an entertaining place to visit on the odd occasion for a little bit of fun and excitement, it seems that it is becoming a more common place for senior citizens to bide their time and be surrounded by people and companionship.

Senior Citizens Feeling the Grip of Gambling Addiction

With the availability of casinos in more than half of the U.S. states, senior citizens are becoming more and more addicted to gambling.

According to the Las Vegas Problem Gambling Center, around 40% of the people they see are over the age of 50 and more disturbing is that often chronic health conditions within this group are related to gambling addiction.

Some years ago, San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor who is in her 60’s and who was addicted to video poker, landed herself in a $13 million debt to various casinos and even at one point, she used more than $3 million from a charity foundation that her late husband had setup.

The problem seems to be growing daily as the number of casinos in the U.S. has grown from being limited to Atlantic City and Nevada while now, these casinos are available in more than 30 states with more on the way.

Without consistent monthly income, these seniors are cashing in their social security checks in the hope of catching the big one, but this just isn’t the case and the gambling addiction problem is simply growing daily.

OCA News Editor