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New Jersey Super Bowl Prompts Concern for Problem Gamblers

New Jersey Super Bowl Prompts Concern for Problem Gamblers

With Super Bowl XLVIII taking place in the gambling state of New Jersey many believe that it will result in a massive increase in betting on the game.

New Jersey Super Bowl Prompts Concern for Problem Gamblers

With the Super Bowl taking place in a gambling state, many are worried how it will affect problem gamblers.

Compulsive gambling expert Arnie Wexler, formerly the executive director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, is worried that this year’s game has the potential to inflict a great deal of harm to sports bettors in the state.

Wexler said that “the Super Bowl to the compulsive gambler is like New Year’s Day to the alcoholic. What happens is there’s so much hype on that game. Compulsive gamblers are especially vulnerable during the NFL postseason because they’re looking for the sure bet, and the media will tell you what color fingernails the quarterback’s wife has, they’ll cover every angle you could possibly think of. So even people in recovery get juiced up at this particular time.”

However, the state is aware of this and it is taking its programs to help compulsive gamblers on the road. The state’s Council of Compulsive Gambling has launched a mobile billboard that will visit heavily populated areas of the state. It is publicizing the state’s gambling help line and other help programs.

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