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Will Syrian Debate Affect 2016 Presidential Candidates?

Will Syrian Debate Affect 2016 Presidential Candidates?

Despite the fact that it is over three years away, many people are already talking about the 2016 US presidential elections and of course, there is never an election without bets. Recently many of the contenders for the next election have been speaking out about the possibility of an attack on Syria.

Will Syrian Debate Affect 2016 Presidential Candidates?

Will the betting odds on potential US presidential candidates be affected by their views on Syria?

The favourite to win the election is Hillary Clinton with odds of 3/1. Earlier this week Clinton’s aide told the press that Clinton supports “the president’s effort to enlist the Congress in pursuing a strong and targeted response to the Assad regime’s horrific use of chemical weapons.”

Clinton will be facing a dilemma as it is highly likely that she lost the nomination for the presidency in 2007 because Obama had spoken out about a stupid war, and now she either has to support him or oppose him. However, it seems that Clinton believes that supporting military action won’t affect her chances in 2016.

Behind Clinton in the betting odds is Marco Rubio at 10/1. For months Rubio has been calling on Obama to attack Syria and now he has found himself on the president’s side. Rubio is now criticising the president for not attacking two years ago. It remains to be seen whether or not this will play to his advantage or not in 2016.

OCA News Editor