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New Jersey Sets Online Gambling Launch Date

New Jersey Sets Online Gambling Launch Date

New Jersey has set a possible date for the launch of online gambling within the state. If all goes to plan then from November 23rd 2013 residents of the state will be able to enjoy online poker and casino games.

New Jersey Sets Online Gambling Launch Date

: If all goes to plan real money online poker and casino games will be available from November 23rd.

Nevada was the first state to launch real money online poker; however, as New Jersey will also be allowing online casino games it is likely to offer some competition to Nevada. Ultimate Poker was the first site to launch in the US, however, at first there were numerous problems with the software, an update was recently released but some players are still reporting problems.

New Jersey has been working on regulations to allow the simultaneous launch of real money poker and casino games. However, with the launch date so close, many are wondering if the regulators will be able to meet it.

According to the Head of the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey, David Rebuck, the state has been working on regulation for many years and should be ready in time.

This gives New Jersey a real opportunity to claim the top spot as the best provider of real money online gambling in the US. If the software proves to be satisfactory to players it should easily overpass Nevada.

OCA News Editor