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Poker Player Writes Online Gambling Bill

Poker Player Writes Online Gambling Bill

The 2 + 2 member PokerXanadu who has written his own federal online poker legislation has revealed his reason for doing so. As an avid poker player he has seen 11 online poker and gambling bills proposed and fail in recent years and the real estate investor’s frustration hit an all-time high.

Poker Player Writes Online Gambling Bill

2 + 2 member PokerXanadu has written his own online gambling bill after become frustrated with recent failed efforts.

After realising that none of the previous bills “would have been truly good for poker players as written” he took it upon himself to write his own. This kind of project is exactly the type of effort that poker players should be supporting.

PokerXanadu’s, or Martin Shapiro’s, 80-page project is now complete and ready to be reviewed by federal legislators. Shapiro has now asked for supports from fellow players via 2 + 2 and has requested that players across the U.S. mail the proposal to their local representative.

There has already been a sizable response and it looks as though the “Internet Wagering Citizens Protection Act” will soon reach lawmakers.

Those who wish to be involved in the effort can learn more at The aim is for the Poker Lovers Union to become the unified front that players support in order to advance online poker legislation in the U.S.

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