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Adelson Has Not Changed His Opinion on Internet Gambling

Adelson Has Not Changed His Opinion on Internet Gambling

For a short period last week there were rumours that Sheldon Adelson was changing his opinion on online gambling and beginning to support a regulated market in the United States.

Adelson Has Not Changed His Opinion on Internet Gambling

Sheldon Adelson’s spokesman has said there is no truth to reports that Adelson was backing an online poker bill.

However, Adelson’s official spokesman has now quashed the rumours and announced that they are completely false.

A number of news sources had reported that Adelson had formed a partnership with Senator Harry Reid to back an online gambling bill which would make provisions for online poker.

However, after the reports Adelson’s spokesman, Andy Abboud, said, “This article is not accurate. Sheldon Adelson has not changed his position.”

Very recently Adelson launched a fierce attack on internet gambling starting with an op-ed piece in Forbes which resulted in the online poker community passionately attacking him. In the piece Adelson referred to online gambling as “fool’s gold” and a “Societal wreck waiting to happen.” He went on to urge Congress to make internet gambling “illegal nationwide”.

In response the poker community called for a boycott of Adelson’s poker room in Vegas and accused him of being hypocritical and only concerned with his own business interests.

However, given the position expressed by Adelson it would have been highly surprising had the reports on his change of heart had any truth to them.

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