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US Full Tilt Players May Receive Funds Soon

US Full Tilt Players May Receive Funds Soon

According to a statement from the Garden City Group, American players with money stuck in Full Tilt Poker can expect to receive their funds in the near future. The announcement came almost a year after PokerStars agreed to pay $731 million to settle its federal casino and acquire Full Tilt Poker.

US Full Tilt Players May Receive Funds Soon

A statement from the Garden City Group suggests American Full Tilt Players may soon receive their funds.

Full Tilt reopened in November of last year and non-US players were immediately able to access their accounts and withdraw their funds. As part of PokerStars’ deal the Department of Justice was in charge of paying back US customers.

Now the GCG has created a Claims Administration website, but so far they have not sent out the emails they promised will start the claims process.

Furthermore there is concern due to this statement from the GCG, “The calculation formula to be used for the Petition for Remission process will be based on players’ final balances with FTP as of April 15 2011.”

Due to many phantom transactions happening around April 15 2011, including Full tilt crediting players without actually withdrawing money from their bank accounts, it is not known if there will be enough funds to cover all the US Full Tilt account balances.

OCA News Editor