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US Gambling Industry Enjoys Revenue Rise

US Gambling Industry Enjoys Revenue Rise

Gambling is growing ever more popular in the USA, last year the industry reported $37.4 billion in revenue from the Stats, up almost 5% from 2011.

US Gambling Industry Enjoys Revenue Rise

Last year the American gambling industry enjoyed revenues of $37.4 billion.

The economy is steadily improving and at the same time smartphones and tablets are becoming more widespread. Furthermore, there are tribal casinos springing up across the country.

All of these factors contributed to the U.S.’s gambling business and helped make last year its second best year ever.

According to a report from the American Gaming Association, the national commercial casino industry in the U.S enjoyed its second-largest gross gaming revenues ever.

The report also said that state and local communities have benefited thanks to about $8.6 billion which has been received through taxes and sharing agreements. The industry has also crated about 300,000 jobs.

Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr. the President and CEO of the AGA said, “At a time when many industries are still feeling the lingering effects of the so-called Great Recession, gaming companies are going strong. We continue to provide much-needed jobs and tax revenue at a time when both are greatly needed.”

OCA News Editor