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California Considering Online Poker Once Again

California Considering Online Poker Once Again

Another attempt to license online poker is underway in California, however, it will be some time before it is known if a law will emerge.

California Considering Online Poker Once Again

There are currently two proposals to legalise online poker in California

The chairman of the Senate committee which oversees the gambling industry has re-introduced 2012 legislation which would legalise online gaming. In addition, a group of prominent tribes with casinos has released its own proposal to license online poker.

The draft was put together by the leaders of eight tribes. David Quintana, a lobbyist for the tribal business alliance said that “Conversations are being had with key members of the Legislature.”

A few years ago it looked as if California would be the first state to license intrastate poker. However, there were numerous disagreements between the state’s gambling interests which have always prevented progress and no hearings have been scheduled for the issue this year.

The bill submitted by Sen. Rod Wright, D-Inglewood, requires $30 million in fees for each license as well as 10% payments of gross revenue. The bill would allow legal gambling operators in California to receive an internet poker license.

It is still early days and it remains to be seen if the tribes’ proposal will be adopted, however, it is good news for poker players in California.

OCA News Editor