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Online Gambling Bill Sponsored in Pennsylvania

Online Gambling Bill Sponsored in Pennsylvania

Recently in Pennsylvania, State Representative Tina Davis and 11 further sponsors introduced House Bill 1235, an online gambling bill. The bill allows state casino operators to provide online poker and casino games to state residents.

Online Gambling Bill Sponsored in Pennsylvania

An online gambling bill has been put forward in Pennsylvania, the first step on the road to legal online gambling

The bill would also allow Pennsylvania to form compacts with operators outside of the state, compacts with international operators will require federal approval but compacts with other states are already allowed under the current interpretation of the Wire Act.

The bill specifies that players must be at least 21 years old, member of the casino’s players club, all accounts must be opened in person and any players that are self-excluded or banned from Pennsylvania casinos will have the status carried over to online gambling.

The bill allows any game that is permitted in the state’s casinos to be offered online, this includes poker, slots, video poker and table games.

At present the bill has been referred to the Committee on Gaming Oversight, now the bill must pass the committee and then it can be considered by the Pennsylvania House. It must then go through the same process in the State Senate.

OCA News Editor