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Massachusetts Considers Online Poker Legislation

Massachusetts Considers Online Poker Legislation

18 Massachusetts House of Representatives members have sponsored an attachment to the 2014 budget which would regulate and legalise online poker in the state.

Massachusetts Considers Online Poker Legislation

A bill has been sponsored in Massachusetts which could lead to the regulation of online poker within the state

If the proposal passes then it would add phrases such as “internet card rooms” to the parts of the budget bill which deal with brick and mortar casino revenue.

Those sponsoring the bill think that hundreds of thousands of the state’s residents are already gambling online on offshore sites. If the state starts regulating the industry then it could generate millions in revenue as well as create a number of jobs and provide consumer protection. The amendment would allow for three online poker licenses to be issued, the same as the amount of commercial casinos allowed in the state.

A license would be granted for ten years and then operators would have the chance to renew it. Any company which receives a license would have to pay a fee of $10 million which would be applied to the first $10 million in taxes.

While it is early days, it seems that online poker could soon be coming to Massachusetts.

OCA News Editor