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Atlantic City Tightens Security After Boston Attack

Atlantic City Tightens Security After Boston Attack

Following the explosion and the ensuing chaotic and tragic events of the Boston Marathon on Monday, 15th April, local authorities in Atlantic City are determined to tighten security and reassure residents as well as visitors.

Atlantic City Tightens Security After Boston Attack

In the wake of the recent Boston Marathon attack Atlantic City officials tighten security

More rigorous safety measures seem appropriate as the city is visited by close to 30 million people every year.

With major upcoming events such as the Atlantic City Marathon, Miss America Pageant and Thunder Over the Boardwalk, public safety officials are working hard at making the gambling centre a safe place.

Their plan includes a higher number of police patrols as well as an awareness campaign asking the public to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour or item left on the streets.

Security Risk Manager Rick Santoro said: “The people that are on the streets and the boardwalk they are not subject to being searched… Our emphasis really has to be behavioural based. How they act, what they do.” William Glass, Atlantic City’s Public Safety Director asked the general public for their help: “If they see something out of place notify someone.”

OCA News Editor