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Maryland Casino Enjoy Huge Revenue Boost

Maryland Casino Enjoy Huge Revenue Boost

Slots revenue in the state of Maryland rose by more than 18% between February and March. The rise in revenues comes after new table games were introduced at the Hollywood Casino which helped attract more gamblers than usual.

Maryland Casino Enjoy Huge Revenue Boost

Following the introduction of new table games in February, casinos in Maryland enjoyed large increase in revenues last month

In March the Maryland Lottery reported $56,582,630 in slots revenue an increase of $8,815,094 from February. Furthermore the Hollywood Casino in Perryville said that it made $1,465,763 in revenue from the table games it introduced in March.

The state’s largest casino, Maryland Live! is planning on introducing table games later this month. Last month Maryland Live! which has over 4,100 slot machines, saw a 16% increase in revenues to $44,613,545.

The state’s other casino, Ocean Downs, also saw an increase in slot revenue of 14% up to $3,948,739.

Casino revenue in Maryland is distributed to a number of places. The Education Trust Fund is the main beneficiary and received $27.86 million last month. $18.67 million went back to casinos and the rest of the funds were divided between horse racing purse accounts, local impact grants, the Maryland Lottery and to small businesses.

OCA News Editor