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The Conflicting Opinions on US Online Gambling

The Conflicting Opinions on US Online Gambling

The granting of 888’s online poker license by the state of Nevada is a symbol of the change in public opinion about online gambling in the US. The change in opinion is largely due to the financial crisis and the need for states to raise more revenues.

The Conflicting Opinions on US Online Gambling

While much of the country supports legalising online gambling, there some surprising opposition from the US land casino industry.

However, as Anthony Axisa, the CEO of Cybergaming Consultants says, “The big question remains whether online gaming will be regulated nationally or if it will be state by state, with some potential of cooperation to a certain degree. Currently, it looks like federal isn’t happening.”

Despite the change in public opinion, a large amount of opposition to online gambling is coming from major gaming companies based in Las Vegas. A number of the traditional gambling institutions are scared by the potential impact of online gambling on their business.

Rick Geiger, an attorney at Geiger Gaming Law, believes that those companies opposing online gambling will have to forget their differences for the sake of the industry, “What Nevada needs is for the big gaming companies to put their egos in their pockets and start understanding what online gaming can do to be additive to their businesses and accretive to their earnings.”

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