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Florida Bill Closes Internet Cafes

Florida Bill Closes Internet Cafes

Last week Florida Federal and State officials arrested 57 owners and operators of Allied Veterans of the World, a business which consists of 49 internet cafes. Following the arrests a bill has been passed by the House to ban the internet venues.

Florida Bill Closes Internet Cafes

The Florida House has passed a bill aimed at preventing internet cafes from operating online gambling

Those arrested have been charged with various offences including illegal gambling, racketeering and money laundering. The new Bill has banned internet cafes, adult video arcades and video-gaming machines.

The bill passed with 108 yes votes and 7 against. Those opposing the bill say that it is a knee jerk reaction which will result in the closure of businesses and the loss of jobs. In opposition Republican opponent Jim Waldman said, “here we are today going to outlaw something that for the past 30 years has been legal in the state of Florida.”

The bill specifies that charities, adult arcades and for-profit sweepstakes operators may not operate permanent gambling venues using casino games that are billed as games of skill.

Over the years various legislators have received funds from the internet café groups. According to police the cash was passed through a fake charity to the parties, now many legislators are attempting to return the funding.

OCA News Editor