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Online Gambling Bills Fail in Hawaii and Iowa

Online Gambling Bills Fail in Hawaii and Iowa

Those who were pleased to hear about the progress of online gambling in the US will be disappointed to hear that both Hawaii and Iowa have dropped their proposals to legalise online gambling.

Online Gambling Bills Fail in Hawaii and Iowa

Despite the progress in other states, both Iowa and Hawaii have seen online gambling bills rejected in recent days

Hawaii’s State House Finance Committee failed to set a date for a hearing of the proposal.

The measures made it through two committees, the Economic Revitalization & Business Committee and the Judiciary Committee, but failed to progress any further. The bill failed to gain the support it needed from both democrats and republicans.

In Iowa an online gambling bill received preliminary approval a few weeks ago but was rejected by the Senate Subcommittee.

The bill was sponsored by State Senator Jeff Danielson but was never expected to progress very far.

However, this does not mean that other bills won’t be put forward within the two states and as more states legalise the industry and begin to enjoy the revenues it generates there will be more pressure for other states to follow suit. It would not be surprising if both Hawaii and Iowa legalise online gambling in the next few years.

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