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New York Senate Supports Online Gambling

New York Senate Supports Online Gambling

The New York Senate has written that it “supports authorising and regulating internet gaming for games of skill, including poker, to reflect recent changes in the classification of these games.” The statement was in a resolution released at the beginning of last week, however, there has not yet been a bill introduced and it is not clear if the governor would be supportive of one.

New York Senate Supports Online Gambling

A statement from the New York Senate says that it supports online gambling for games of skill.

IT is likely that online poker discussions will continue in New York as the state considers the possibility of allowing Las Vegas style casinos updates.

There is at least one lawmaker which wants a casino authorised for New York City, however, it does not appear that this will happen anytime soon.

Gambling is rapidly expanding in the region surrounding the state.

New Jersey and Delaware have authorised online gambling, Delaware already has a hugely successful casino industry and is also considering legalising online gaming. At the same time Massachusetts is getting closer to allowing new brick and mortar casinos.

As surrounding states continue to expand their gambling facilities, New York will soon be feeling the pressure to do the same.

OCA News Editor