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How Long Until More States Legalise Online Gambling

How Long Until More States Legalise Online Gambling

The push to legalise online gambling in the US is quickly picking up steam, three states have already allowed it and many more are considering following suite. The question is, how long until it is legal across the country.

How Long Until More States Legalise Online Gambling

With online gambling now legal in three US states, it will not be long before more start following suite.

Doug Walker, professor of economics at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, says that “it’s inevitable that this spreads pretty quickly.”

As the law stands it is possible for two or more states to form an agreement to allow interstate gambling. At the same time Congress has also been considering a measure which would legalise interstate online gambling. However, there are many who are against the move claiming that it will lead to an increase in gambling problems.

Jeff Chester, the executive director of the Centre for Digital democracy, said that “lawmakers are failing to protect consumers in their mad rush to approve online gaming. Without safeguards, individuals will be subjected to powerful online marketing campaigns designed to have them gamble away their hard-earned cash.”

California looks as though it may be the next state to legalise online gambling and there are many more considering it, the way things currently stand, it will not be surprising if legalisation occurs across the county in the coming years.

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