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New California Online Gambling Bill

New California Online Gambling Bill

California seems to be making progress on the way towards legalising online gambling, following in the footsteps of New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware.

New California Online Gambling Bill

Senator Lou Correa has put forward another bill which would legalise online poker within the state of California.

Last Friday Senator Lou Correa proposed Bill 678 which would legalise internet poker in California.

The legalisation of online gambling has been much discussed in California, in part due to the state’s budget crises and also because the state is home to the biggest tribal gambling industry in America.

However, this is the 2nd bill within three months and the third in three years which seeks to legalise online gambling.

The two previous bills were introduced by Senator Roderick Wright, however, neither of them succeeded.

While the content of the latest bill is not yet public, it is thought to identify the legal framework for online poker.

It is also expected to implement a 10% tax on revenues and require players to provide social security numbers for age verification purposes.

It is thought the bill restricts online gambling to poker and the state’s gaming commission would assume the responsibility for controlling and running online poker operators.

OCA News Editor