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Gambling Companies Prepare to Launch Online in Nevada

Gambling Companies Prepare to Launch Online in Nevada

Now that Nevada has become the first state to legalise interstate online poker many residents of the Nevada, and other states where online gambling looks set to become legal, will be wondering what happens next.

Gambling Companies Prepare to Launch Online in Nevada

Thanks to the new bill there is a chance of interstate online poker becoming possible in the near future.

There are a number of companies which have already been granted Nevada licenses for online poker, such as Zynga, which until now were prepared to limit the services to Nevada residents.

Other major companies such as MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts are now hoping that they too can expand online.

The new bill removes the requirement for the federal legislation or Department of Justice approval in order to activate online gambling licenses.

Nevada Assembly Majority Leader William Horne, says he expects the industry to quickly expand beyond online poker, “Initially it’ll be starting with online poker, but certainly the infrastructure is set up for various interactive gaming. There are approximately a half-dozen companies already licensed to do this in our state,” Horne added. “We anticipate that to grow significantly.”

What remains to be seen, is whether Nevada will enter into gaming agreements with other states that legalise online gaming. New Jersey is on the brink of signing a new bill which opens the possibility for interstate gaming with Nevada.

OCA News Editor