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New Jersey Considers Mobile Racetrack Betting

Casinos in New Jersey have been considering introducing on-site mobile gambling for sometime, however, it looks as though racetracks may beat them to it.

New Jersey Considers Mobile Racetrack Betting

A new law will allow New Jersey’s racetracks to introduce on-site mobile gambling.

Last Monday New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a law which allows gamblers at the state’s racetracks to place their bets using portable devices. If the law is put into practise soon it will make New Jersey to offer this form of mobile sports betting.

However, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome. The federal authorities and the sports industry have launched a challenge against New Jersey’s legalisation of sports betting at its racetracks and casinos.

The other problem is that there may be too few people who are interested in making use of it.

Nonetheless, supporters are insisting that technological innovation is necessary in order for the state’s gambling industry to stay competitive.

Member of the State Assembly John Burzichelli, said, “It’s technology allowing the racing industry to reshape itself by drawing younger customers. Technology moves our horse-wagering industry into the 21st century.”

However, details of the regulation for the racetracks is yet to be worked out and it could still be sometime before mobile gambling is introduced.

OCA News Editor