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Lottery Winner Killed With Cyanide

Lottery Winner Killed With Cyanide

Urook Khan was the lucky winner of a $1 million jackpot off a scratch-card lottery ticket; however, new tests show that his death shortly after winning was not natural.

Lottery Winner Killed With Cyanide

It has been discovered that lottery winner Urook Khan died from cyanide poisoning rather than natural causes.

Khan died just as he was about to collect his money, there were no signs of trauma and nothing suspicious about it. However, new tests show that he had in fact ingested a lethal amount of cyanide.

The tests are a result of a relative’s campaign for a closer look at his death and a homicide investigation has now been launched.

At an Illinois Lottery ceremony Khan said “winning the lottery means everything to me.” He was planning to put some of the money into businesses and donate some to a children’s hospital.

Khan was issued the cheque for his winnings on July 19th, the day before he died.

At the time no autopsy was carried out and his death was ruled a result of the narrowing and hardening of coronary arteries. Cyanide can be inhaled, swallowed or injected, it is fairly difficult to obtain but can kill in less than five minutes.

Chicago Police Department spokeswoman Melissa Stratton said that the department are now investigating the death and that detectives are working closely with the Medical Examiner’s Office.


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