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New Jersey Heads to Court Against Sports League

New Jersey Heads to Court Against Sports League

The state of New Jersey is involved in a battle with the major sports leagues of sports betting.

New Jersey Heads to Court Against Sports League

Legal sports betting in New Jersey is closer than ever to becoming a reality

While the state wants to legalise single game betting within its borders the leagues, specifically the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and the NCAA, have gone to court to try and prevent it.

The leagues are claiming that sports betting would tarnish their reputations and last month U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp allowed the claim to move forward, there will be a hearing set.

Whittier Law School Professor, I. Nelson Rose, believes that sports betting is likely to become legal soon.

He said that the current law which only allows some states to have sports betting is like “Congress declaring that only a dozen states can have sound in their movie theatres, while the others cannot show talkies.”

Rep. Frank Pallone is trying to change federal laws banning sports betting in most states.

He says that the leagues’ claim is hypocritical, “That these organizations claim that the sports they represent will somehow have their reputation impacted is naive at best and assumes that illegal gambling is not currently occurring in lieu of legal sports betting”.

OCA News Editor