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Democrats Silent On Online Poker

The Republican Party’s manifesto is clearly against online gambling and internet poker, but this is hardly surprising as it was the Republicans which introduced the online gambling prohibition. However, in contrast to this the Democratic manifesto does not mention online betting in anyway. All the manifesto says is that “The Obama administration has led the world to recognize and defend Internet freedom – the freedom of expression, assembly, and association online for people everywhere”.

With the USA election campaigns strongly underway gamblers are keen to hear the different parties’ stances on online gambling.

This has provoked a number of views on the Democrats’ stance. Some believe that given the financial problems faced by the US, the president should be focusing on things of greater importance than the right to play poker.

The Poker Players Alliance, is of the opinion that the absence of the online gambling issue from the Party’s manifesto is a good sign. The Executive director of the PPA, John Pappas, said that it is a sign that the Party agrees with the legislation of online poker.

On the other hand, some people are arguing that the Democrats failed to mention the issue in order to avoid stirring up controversy amongst voters who are undecided about the issue.

OCA News Editor