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Possibility of New Casino in South Florida

There are plans underway for a new casino in South Florida. It was announced that Boyd Gaming and Sunrise Sports are teaming up and according to a statement from Boyd are hoping to use “the opportunity to take advantage of the potential of expanded gaming in south Florida at the site of the BankAtlantic Centre.”

Boyd Gaming has reached a deal with Sunrise Sports to build a new casino at the BankAtlantic Centre.

The agreement was confirmed by Florida Panthers officials (who are owed by Sunrise Sports) but have not yet publicly commented on the deal. At present neither company has legal clearance to operate a casino however, the state of Florida has recently been considering allowing large casinos to be set up, at present the only casinos in Florida are on American Indian reservations. However, State Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff has said that she does not believe the companies can get legal approval, according to Bogdanoff the legislature doesn’t have “the political will to move this issue forward, but this will force the debate to continue.” She went on to say that despite her scepticism, for the companies to make an agreement “someone thinks they have a shot at moving the permit.”

They proposed site for the casino is next to the giant Sawgrass Mills mall, Luanne Lenberg, the vice president of the mall has said that there has been “positive synergy between gaming and shopping in other projects around the world” and as such she would welcome the new casino. The Mayor of Sunrise, Mike Ryan, had a more reserved response. He said that it is too early to know how the project would affect the, he said careful evaluation is needed of the “potential job growth and projected benefits … against the potential security, financial, infrastructure, environmental and aesthetic impacts upon our residents and businesses.”
While this project make take a while to become reality, it is certainly worth keeping a close eye on.

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