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Lots of Cheats at Ohio’s New Casinos

Two casinos have opened in Ohio in the last month and a half, one in Cleveland six weeks ago and one in Toledo three weeks ago. Since they opened between 15 and 25 people involved in cheating or other gambling related offences have been investigated.

Ohio’s two newest casinos have both seen high levels of cheating since opening last month and there are multiple investigations taking place

The Executive Director of the Commission, Matt Schuler, said that the cases will be handed to prosecutors in Cleveland and Toledo. However, he wouldn’t go into detail until investigations have ended and charges filed.

Under state law cheating includes using fake chips, falsely claiming winnings and having a device that can change a game’s outcome, a first time offender can face a year in prison and a $2,500 fine.

According to Schuler agents have also been investigating compulsive gamblers who signed up for a voluntary exclusion list but showed up at a casino anyway, a total of 27 people signed up for the exclusion list.

Each casino is assigned a supervisor, a lead investigator and 10 state agents both armed and working in plainclothes. Shuler said that players could be sitting next to one of these agents ant not have any idea about it.

According to the assistant manager of the Cleveland casino, Brad Hirsch, cheating is not limited to new casinos. Hirsch said that it is normal for a small number of people to try and breach casino security and incidents are to be expected at all casinos.

Within the next week it is expected that eight cases involving cheating allegations at the Toledo casino will be handed over to prosecutors. John Weglian, the assistant prosecutor in Lucas Country, has said that with a lot of people it is as simple as them reaching down and pulling their bets back.

Another case involves a suspected cheating ring that has been known to hit other casinos around the US.

OCA News Editor